As winter is nearing, your need for the sun is going to rise. You might want to stock up on some vitamin D.


The change of the seasons will most likely be having an effect on you since you’re not easy to change.


Speech and debate is currently going on, maybe you should join since you love to talk!


Being left alone to do your work will help you tremendously in the long run when it comes to studying for finals, AP tests, or just tests in general.


The workload you are carrying on your shoulders will soon lighten up and you will have the time and energy to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.


From now until Dec. 4, you will have a chance of a breathtaking, epic love of your high school career.


With the new moon coming on Nov. 22, it may lead you to taking a short, important trip with your family or friends.


The recent solar eclipse on Oct. 23 helped you realize that you want to be a happier person in life and that there are many things that you can do to achieve happiness.


You’ve been spending an awful lot of money this month. Have you started your holiday shopping early? Just keep in mind that your friends and family will still love you even if you don’t spend a ton of money on them.


By the end of this month, you’ll be very tired out and want some privacy and peace to yourself for all of the socializing you have been doing. But don’t wear your social skills out too much, the holidays are nearly upon us!


New friends will spill into your life as the new moon appears on Nov. 22. This will bring you great luck with the holiday season when it comes to getting invited to parties and such.


With holidays nearly upon us, your skill for helping others will be greatly appreciated as people are starting to do their crazy holiday shopping!


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