Unique Professions

By: Emma Sundeen

Whether you are looking into future professions or simple start up businesses that may help you make it through college, here are a few unique professions that may just be what you are looking for.


Stained glass artist:

Education: Bachelors degree in the arts and an apprenticeship in an art studio; extra learning could include coursework in glass art

Would appeal to: Someone who has an artistic sense for composition and design and enjoys art as a whole

Salary: $20,600 per year (this number includes all artists that make handmade art).


Emergency room nurse:

Education: Bachelors degree in nursing; must pass the NCLEX-RN exam. An optional certification could be the CEN (certified emergency nurse).

Requirements: Must be trained in variety of illness including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, orthopedic, and neurological as well as others

Would appeal to: Someone who is interested in working in high pressure situations, and different medical fields

Salary: $69,490 per year


Closet organizer:

Education: No education required

Requirements: Can be started as a home business with minimal tools and requirements. Could cost $2000-$10,000 as a start up fee including any tools or requirements. For extra business, working alongside a home builder or home renovation company would be helpful

Would appeal to: Someone who enjoys running their own business and being independent with their hours, and has an eye for organization.

Salary: could potentially be $40,000 per year


Animal control officer:

Education: High school diploma required and one year of training for the profession

Requirements: Must be able to work on call shifts, would deal with dead animal and stray animal pick up, handles any animal disease reporting, also handles complaints dealing with the road

Would appeal to: Someone interested in animal disease control, taking care of the the roads and dealing with some human resources

Salary: $34,000 per year



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