High School Relationships

Q: How do I deal with and develop friendships in high school?

Entering high school as a freshman is tough enough. You know: finding which “group” you belong in, and figuring out who you are and/or want to be. High school is when we start developing great friendships and relationships.
Friendships will come and go. Your best friend freshman year might not be your best friend your senior year. From my experience, we are all headed down different paths and you will meet everyone for a reason, or a lesson, but that does not mean they should be a part of your life forever. I heard a quote once… “Never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be.” I think this goes with friends also, the people you surround yourself with should be people that you admire, they should be people you want to learn and grow with. From what I have learned throughout high school is that “having friends” doesn’t necessarily mean a big group. Three amazing people who stick by you and enjoy you are all anyone really needs. Don’t get me wrong, finding these people doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes it’s a process, and you might have to go through different types of people and personalities to understand what you want in a good friendship. One piece of advice I can give about friends is: Never take for granted the people who love you; we are all going through different situations and it’s so much easier to handle when you have great friends beside you.

Q. What about romantic relationships?
Romantic relationships are filled with confusion and so many different feelings, as we can all see from our parents or older siblings. Now put those things together and add high school and hormones, that’s a different story in itself. We all have our crushes – that someone who can make you grin by just waving to you. I remember middle school, first boyfriends and all the drama and awkwardness that comes along with it. We are growing up, experimenting, and have having a lot of fun doing it. One thing that always should be kept in mind is: we are in high school. Going through a breakup, or realizing things just aren’t working out the way you want them to is not the end of the world. All things that don’t work out, don’t work out for a reason.

High school is full of lessons (not just the kind you learn in class). Don’t let the drama that comes with it all get the best of you.


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