BHS Boutique; a fashion club story

By Megan Castle

Bozeman High School’s “Prom Closet” has been known as a place for teenage girls to get an affordable dress for prom — 10 dollars for every dress is the guarantee.
But this year the usual organizers of the closet, BHS National Honors Society, has decided to team up with fashion club in order to boost the program’s popularity and increase social acceptance of the closet.
After reviewing last year’s prom closet sales of only 12 dresses, the two organizations decided that it was time for the closet itself to get a makeover.
Organizers say they are aiming for a more “glamorous experience.”
“BHS Boutique” will be the new title of the program, says Elizabeth Little, president of fashion club.
“Girls would rather shop at a boutique than a closet,” she adds.
The tentative date for the start of the BHS Boutique is at the end of March.
Fashion club and National Honors Society say they are also working hard to break the stigma that the BHS Boutique is only for “poor girls.” The boutique is a simply a place for all prom-goers to find beautiful dresses, for an affordable price. Its the perfect solution for not breaking the bank on that one-time-wear dress.
This year’s donation system will also differ slightly from previous years’. In addition to the high school donations, bridal shops around Bozeman have also agreed to donate dresses.
“We have a whole new stock of dresses that are brand new, never been worn that will be in the boutique,” says Little. “[We’re going to] reorganize the dresses and make sure were only selling the nicest ones,” she adds.
Donations from the high school are also in demand. Donation areas will be established in designated areas around the school for those that wish to add to the boutique. A class competition might even be held, in order to increase donations.
National Honors Society and fashion club are planning to use the BHS gallery space in for the boutique, but bigger plans might be in store.
“Plume Bridal [across from the high school] offered to let us use their store on a Sunday to set up a boutique so girls can come in, see what dresses are being sold and try them on, a little bit more glamorous,” says Little. “It hasn’t been set up yet, but it’s in the works.”
“It’s time for a rebrand of Prom Closet,” she adds.


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