First time skiier

By Sam Watkins

They say it’s hard to teach a old dog new tricks, and I think it’s safe to say that is the truth. When I moved to Montana, my mom was so excited to try new things like hiking, and skiing. Most people learn to ski when they are young, or growing up, but me and my family decided to try it at ages 15, 39 and 41.
My mom, stepdad and I went to Bohart ranch on Jan. 11 for our lessons – and I haven’t laughed that hard in so long. Pulling up to the ranch I realized how nervous I actually was, and my mom was feeling the same way. We weren’t even downhill skiing, because honestly my mom was too scared. So we had to start out with cross country skiing, but it was still so much fun.
I haven’t worn snow pants since I was younger, it reminded me of my youth. I also haven’t laughed so hard in awhile.
The beginning of the lesson was more stressful than fun, I couldn’t clip into my skis and was the only one in the group left standing on the ground. I happily took the honor of having the first one-on-one session with the instructor, taking the lead of the worst of the worst.
Starting off, our group of newbies got into three lines, and practiced our glides. While practicing our glides my mom took my spot in first place for worst skier of the group. She was one of the few falling and only one near tears. I felt bad.
The fun really didn’t start until we attempted to slide down the hill. A majority of us ended up on our butts multiple times; but we were all laughing and that was all that really mattered.
Laughing while on skis I found fairly easy, and so did half the class. With every mistake we made we would just giggle at and move on. The class only lasted an hour and a half – which was long enough for me.
By the end of the class my mom was near tears in fear and from being uncomfortable, but my stepdad and I were wide eyed, smiles big, looking forward to taking downhill lessons.


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