Michael Clayton

Mr. Clayton’s Gold Star

By Justine Yeykal

This school year, the 23rd Gold Star Award, which marks excellence in education, has been given to one of our very own: Mike Clayton; a social studies and government teacher who is also a driver’s ed teacher here at Bozeman High School.
This award recognizes educators who have significantly impacted the education field. Students, parents, past students, and any other person who wants to vote can nominate their favorite teacher. The nominees are selected and evaluated by a group of people from the education community.
When Clayton was asked how he won this award, his response was “apparently for being an exceptional teacher.”
Clayton has been teaching for 27 years and has been a drivers education instructor for 23 years. He has three grown sons, who all have graduated from Bozeman High School. Clayton loves being a teacher and he likes teaching new teachers to be teachers.
“When I found out I won the Gold Star Award I was very humbled. My students deserve this award more than I do,” Clayton said.


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