Plus size

By Justine Yeykal

Plus size. The term that has been used for generations describing “bigger” women in and out of the fashion industry. Why do we use this term? Do the “bigger” women really need to be separated from the “normal” sized women because they aren’t a size two? The normal size for women is considered to be a size six to an eight.
It has been said by many models that the term “plus-size” is confusing and misleading. They also say it’s just a term used to describe a different body type; but why is the word ‘plus’ included? If they’re just describing a different body type then they should do it in a conservative way where people won’t take offense to it. Personally, as someone who’s not a size two, take offense to this term.
It’s a terrific thing that now high fashion designers are finally realizing that not every woman is the same size. It used to be that designers would just assume that every woman is built the same way, but that isn’t true. But it’s a separate kind of fashion for “plus sized” women. I mean, it’s great and all that there is finally a fashion line that will fit the bigger women but it’s still a plus size line. Why can’t they just make the clothing in all sizes instead of just one?
When you’re in the plus sized category, people criticize you on what you wear–meaning that they suggest multiple clothing items that fit your body type. Say you want to go out one night with your girlfriends and you want to look hot, so you go to Wet Seal and get a body con dress that’s a little provocative – but you feel good!
Someone decides to come up to you claiming they know all about the “dressing for the bigger size” look and says that that’s not the type of body con dress you should be wearing because it is too showy. Then they give you a list of places to go to shop for dresses like the one you’re wearing – but they are all considered plus sized. How would you feel? It’s not fair that you can’t just shop at any store without getting looked at weird.
Plus sized implies that women/models of that size are too big for normal sized clothing, makes them feel that they aren’t considered normal. A woman/model can be considered a plus sized but still be perfectly healthy but then you look at a supposively “normal” sized woman/model – and she isn’t healthy at all.
Being ‘bigger’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t healthy. I feel that people jump to the conclusion that plus sized women are overweight and unhealthy, but that isn’t always the case. You can be the fittest woman out there but if you don’t wear a size two, you’re considered plus sized. Then you have the people who judge bigger women for trying to squeeze into something in a ‘normal sized’ clothing store.
But all they want is to be considered a woman who just wants to wear what she wants – without judgment.


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