Life Hacks for Students

Being a student is hard work, so in order to make your life easier here are some awesome student life hacks:


Follow the candy

Studying for any subject in school can be a pain, not to mention beyond boring. One way to make studying more useful and fun is to use food: when reading your textbook leave a trail of your favorite candy so when you get to that page, you can eat it. This hack takes some discipline but is very worth it.


Another studying hack is to eat a distinct flavor of gum or candy while you study–then eat the same flavor during your test. This will help you remember what you studied and keep your breath smelling nice, too.

Make it pretty

A specific hack for studying is to use different color pens to highlight different information. This makes it easier for you to look up certain facts. It also makes studying more fun and triggers visual memory so it helps you to retain information. Also if your textbook is stubborn and keeps closing, use the clip of a pen to keep it open.


Distraction no more

An issue that occurs during studying or doing homework is distraction. To help with this get Cold Turkey: this site allows you to block certain websites and applications for a period of time so you can get things done.


Helpful sites

A website that will help with English is This website provides synonyms and antonyms for every word. It also provides words that you can’t think of but can explain.


Stuck on a equation? provides answers to any math question. Just click on what math you’re in and you can get step by step instructions to the problem you need help with.

For any school related research use for more reliable and revelent information for your assignment.


Essay to Write? No problem

A hack to help with essays is Google Translate. Copy and paste your essay and have it read to you: this is the best way to find mistakes.


If you’re typing your essay use a hanger to clip onto your laptop or computer and clip your essay to the other side of the hanger. This makes it easier to see and type your essay.


Lastly if you can’t imagine a mic drop after your essay your conclusion needs to be stronger.
Hopefully some of these hacks will make your life as a student easier, and help you get through the school year. Happy hacking!


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