The BHS Bear

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard about him, or should I say it? The bear that roamed around and even inside the school on Oct. 14 was the talk of the country–one of the highest trending news stories of the day.
You probably heard it was in the high school but where, maybe not. So here’s the story:
The bear got in through an open garage door on the east side of school (Not naming any names, but the woodwork and auto shop classroom). It then managed to wander its way down H wing, learning a few languages along the way, before coming into long hall, where it was tasked with its toughest decision: go right and checkout the south cafeteria or go left and see what the north cafeteria offers?

After contemplating its decision, the bear chose to go right, to the south cafeteria. While seeing if there were any leftovers in the lockers, it found itself in a bit of a sticky situation. The hallways were getting crowded with the few students that were there at 7:20 a.m., and they were all looking at him and taking pictures and even videos.
When the police arrived, the bear knew his fun was over and he humbly walked outside to the east of the school.
Within hours the story was trending. People from all over the world saw the videos taken: one video posted on Facebook by KBZK even reached over a million views.
I hope you enjoyed this “beary” funny story (I’m sorry but someone had to say it).


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