The Unwritten Rules Of Social Media

By Alexa Runnion

We’ve all seen our share of annoying posts on social media. But before you laugh at the posting habits of others, you may want to evaluate yourself to make sure you’re not doing the same. If you follow these fundamental rules, perhaps you can save yourself from the embarrassment.
Rule number one: chill out with the selfies.
One of the most annoying types of posts are selfies. Everybody takes them whether they want to admit it or not. Like all social media posts, they’re fine in moderation. But if your whole Instagram is pictures of your face captioned with a quote you found on Pinterest, it’s probably annoying everyone who follows you. Even more annoying is the overuse of filters and editing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly fine to add the occasional filter and hide that volcano of a zit on your forehead, but if you look like a porcelain doll in all your photos it’s very obvious you used a little too much editing.
Rule number one and a half: Along with taking pictures yourself, it’s not a good idea to take mirror pictures with your iPad.
Is that a camera or a lunch tray? Who knows.
Rule number two: find interesting and new places to take photos.
On the topic of pictures we all see too much, (which only applies to people in Bozeman) stop taking photos on top of the parking garage. Sure, they’re pretty great, but once the number of your pictures on the “artsy” parking lot go into the double digits, you may want to think of a new place for you and your friends to “model” for your iPhone photo shoot. Maybe you can take them in the underground parking garage with all the graffiti, oh wait… we’ve all seen those too.

Rule number three: Posting often to show off your life to people is nice. But oversharing, not so much. Nobody really cares that you “just woke up and don’t want to go to school” none of us want to either.
Rule number four: Put an end to the long Snapchat stories.
No one wants to see your 250 second Snapchat story. If it’s longer than the Harry Potter series, you may need a Snapchat intervention.
Rule number five: Buying followers and likes.
When you have 20 followers and 700 hundred likes or the other way around, it’s obvious they’re fake. In all honesty, there’s no reason to buy them in the first place. Because the number of people on your social media accounts don’t define you, the only person who cares how many likes or followers you have is yourself.
Rule number six: In my opinion, the most important rule on social media is to not post anything you wouldn’t want to be screenshotted and kept for the whole world to see. Be aware that colleges and future employers can look at your social media accounts at anytime, so next time you post your drunk videos, keep your profile private or log on to your spam account.
But if you find yourself doing these things, don’t worry too much. After all, social media can’t be that annoying, right?


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