2016 Predictions. By Adara Burch

Hello 2016! As you all know by this year we were supposed to have flying cars and all that jazz, but now that we are here it’s pretty evident that none of that happened.

Nostradamus was a French seer that lived in the 1500s and was widely famous for his predictions. He predicted that humans were supposed to be living to over the age of 200 by the time 2016 rolled around. He also predicted that we would have learned to communicate with animals and that the resurrection of the dead would have occurred by now. As you can see these prophecies are about as far off as flying cars.

There were also many predictions that were supposed to be a result of the reelection of president Obama. For instance gas was going to cost $6.05 per gallon, unemployment was supposed to be stuck at over eight percent, and the stock market was supposed to crash. Thankfully none of that happened either.

But one thing we all know for sure is going to happen this year is the election of our new president. We all know about Donald Trump and his presence in the presidential debate, we also know the controversy that surrounds him when it comes to his professional manner (or lack thereof.) When asked their opinion students had some interesting perspectives about the 2016 election.

“In 2016 hopefully people will realize what a bad idea Trump is,” says student Sky Gold. Meghan Farhat says that “everyone thinks Donald Trump is going to be president but it’s actually going to be Bernie Sanders. #worldpeace.”

Others have their own unique predictions for 2016. Justine Yeykal thinks that “There’s going to be some earthquake somewhere.” Noah Bakken and Chase Herzog both think there is a possibility of World War Ⅲ.

Gisele Johnston predicts that “There will be a market crash and it will be a warmer year.” Lauren Yeykal says: “My sister is going to be nice to me.”

“D. Trump!” says sophomore Isaiah Berglund.

So what do you think BHS? Will Donald Trump actually become president and what kind of craziness will we face if he does?

Hopefully 2016 brings BHS and the United States of America good fortune this year (cough cough no Donald Trump.) Who knows maybe we’ll actually figure out flying cars–I mean, they have self-driving cars so they can’t be too far off. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

But I think we can all agree that Lauren’s sister should be nicer to her.


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