Awkward Column, By Megan Castle

This month’s awkwardness, or shall I say, this seasons awkwardness is all about how awkward transitioning seasons are. That’s right, we’re talking wardrobe, day off activities and even the struggles of being a dissatisfying temperature at all times.
Let’s start with wardrobe. The great debate: to wear Chacos or to not wear Chacos? Temperature says: “Yes wear Chacos!” Society and the date say: “No sir, just stahp and put your pants back on.”
Wardrobe is just uncomfortable in the spring because you’re literally just caught between two different seasons that involve extremely different wardrobe choices. Montana especially is hard in regards to this predicament because you could wake up in the morning to three inches of fresh cold smoke powder and then walk outside four hours later to melting snow and 75 degree sunshine. It’s just an internal struggle that afflicts us all.
Wardrobe also creates an uncomfortable situation for those of us that might be just a bit more socially awkward than others. For example: you say yes to the Chaco idea, then go into public and immediately feel uncomfortable about your choice because nobody else is wearing comparable shoes to yours.
Just because you’re wearing the glory that is known to this world as Chacos and everybody around you made the wrong decision and decided to put real life/work applicable footwear on, doesn’t mean you made the wrong choice!
You made the right choice pal, you made the right choice.

Next, the awkwardness of picking a day off activity. That’s right, it’s a fine Wednesday in March and you have nothing to do with your afternoon. It’s 65 degrees outside and sunny. The question is: do I go skiing or do I go mountain biking? NEITHER OPTION IS GOOD.
The snow is just in a depressingly slushy state and the trails are the same. Too wet to go mountain biking, too wet to go skiing. What an awkward situation: I’ve become too dependent on my environment.
Last spring awkwardness rant: My physical and mental capabilities are incapable of deciding whether I’m at a satisfactory temperature or not. That’s right, I actually struggle with deciding if I’m cold or not. I have a temperature complex!!
If I do decide to wear the Chacos and shorts, ignoring the fact that it’s March, I subconsciously psych myself out because…it’s March, I should be cold. Obviously.
This same temperature rant bleeds into the wardrobe rant— I wish to wear the shorts but I’m both too concerned over my temperature, too afraid of social ostracism and too white to pull that look off this early. It’s just not an all right situation. I need a tan.
Until fall, suffer silently through the current transitioning seasons friends: I’m right there with you, maybe even more awkwardly.


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