By Madame Justine Yeakel

Aries-March 21-April 20
You will be challenged today, you also won’t get your way. That may be hard for you but you will make it through. Just stay calm and control yourself and your day will be just fine! Try not to get into it with a Taurus today, they are looking mighty feisty lately.

Taurus-April 21-May 21
Your difficulty in making decisions will make you seem unfriendly to most. Keep yourself in check and the days should go by just fine! Strive for more accomplishments than just settling. Your passion will help you do better in life.

Gemini-May 22-June 21
Try and let things go every once in awhile, life’s too short to hold on to things. Keep up your multitasking but try to slow it down a bit, that will help you in the long run when it comes studying for finals and big tests.

Cancer-June 22-July 22
There will be something that will make you mad today.  Attempt to control yourself and try not to overreact. Your family will be the ones to boost up your mood! Some of your friends will also come to you because they are having such a terrible day. Your soft and caring side will be there to comfort them – if they want you to be…

Leo-July 23-August 22
Your desire to be a leader will help you tremendously today. It will help you with influencing people to do good things. If someone turns you down or is rude to you, your sensitiveness will kick in and you may cry… But don’t be so glum, it will all be better tomorrow.

Virgo-August 23-Sept 22
Your  attitude will allow you to adapt to versatile environments. Your organization skills, desire to serve people and your very constructive way of explaining your opinions will lead you to meeting many new friends and possibly a special friend.

Libra-Sept 23-Oct 22
Get up and do something today, don’t let the rumor of your laziness be true! Your longing for a serious relationship will come true if you get out and do something. Being laid back and letting things go will help you in the long run when you’re stressed out and it will help you relieve that stress.

Scorpio-Oct 23-Nov 21
If someone asks if you’re having a problem, don’t be so quick to denying it. We all know you Scorpios are good at doing that. But don’t share your problems with everyone either, talk to your family or a close friend.

Sagittarius-Nov 22-Dec 21
You’re going to get involved in a relationship very soon, but you’re excessive possessiveness may not let that relationship last very long. That’s something you should work on. You’ll most likely learn from that mistake and hopefully you’ll do better on the next relationship.

Capricorn-Dec 22-Jan 20
Your never-give-up, always fighting kind of attitude will take you many places. Unless you hit a bump in the road and you don’t make it anywhere… Although, your commitment won’t let that little stag keep you from reaching your goals. Keep up the good work!

Aquarius-Jan 13-Feb 19
You won’t be getting your way too often because not everyone thinks the same way you do. But, don’t worry too much, people will be there to encourage you to do great things as an individual!

Pisces-Feb 20-March 20
You are very talented but often underestimated for your abilities. You’ll need lots of encouragement from family and friends to see your true potential. Also, your unconditional support for your friends makes you seem like a pushover. You should work on that.


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