Coach Gustavsen

By Katie Buckner

Erica Gustavsen, head coach for the Lady Hawk Volleyball, puts relationships at the forefront of her coaching career.  Gustavsen is currently working through her seventh season as a volleyball coach and expects to continue her career here in Bozeman in the years to come. Coach “Gus” was able to reveal her most valuable coaching tactic; she knows her players at a personal level, both on and off the court.

“Honesty and communication are also really important,” Gustavsen explained, “letting them know we care will allow them to play hard for you.” Her success as a coach has been shown through her team’s winning season; the team has set high goals, and they rise to the challenge to meet them, time and time again.

Coach Gustavsen says she’s both the teacher and the student in the game of volleyball. “These players always have fun, they teach me to have different perspectives on the game and help to keep everything in scope.” Her motives land farther than just having successful athletes, “We show respect; and being good, well rounded kids is something the staff really likes, our players should be good people.” Erica brings more than just knowledge of the game to Bozeman athletics; she and her staff are building relationships and helping our girls become successful on the court, in the classroom and with their community.   


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