Dance Club

Dance Club
By Alexa Runnion

Students and staff cheered as the Bozeman High dance club performed at the pep assembly on homecoming day.
“It was insane,” says dance club member Maddy Hawkins. “Everyone seemed to like it.”
Dance club practices various styles of dance including contemporary and jazz, but its main focus is on hip-hop. Hawkins explains that at practice, they do fundamental activities such as stretching, cardio, and core workouts. Along with this, they work on learning or cleaning up their choreography.
“Since we are a club, we are not as strict as traditional dance classes, but we do work hard,” says participant Calistle Dober. “We are similar to regular classes in that.”
Hawkins agreed, saying, “[Cyndee Bishop-head of dance club] is used to doing major dance teams. So she wants it to be more strict in the future.”
There are also rules on what members can and can’t wear to make sure that their outfits aren’t revealing. But, for the most part dance club is very “laid back.”
When asked why she decided to join the club, Hawkins says “I had never thought about doing dance until my friend started doing it. The fact that it was a club at school helped because I would feel too awkward starting in a studio.”
For those interested in joining dance club, Hawkins says “You need to know that you are definitely seen, but we’re all friends, it’s a sisterhood.”
She adds, “It would be super cool if more boys joined, they should do it.”
Dance club practices on Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:15 to 5:45 p.m. after school in the orchestra room. The club meets year round and performs at football and basketball games. BHS dance club is open and welcome to all that are interested.


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