New BHS Math Teachers Chris Lemmaric and Joey Hancock


Algebra 2 Teacher Chris Lemmaric by Christian Clemente
As Chris Lemmaric was growing up, math was not always his favorite subject.
“I was one of the kids that if I could say lunch, that would’ve been my answer. But I also liked PE and math, not as much as I do now, but it probably was one of my favorites,” says Lemaric.
Although he may not have as much teaching experience as others, Lemmaric has prepared himself for this opportunity.
“I did my student teaching here at Bozeman High, uh, last year and I taught one class and I also worked in the math lab here in Bozeman High,” Lemmaric says.
He says his passion for working with students and making difficult subjects like Algebra two seem easy is his favorite part about working with students.
But not everything in teaching is fun for Lemmaric.

“My least favorite thing about teaching would be grading things, giving grades. I like to focus more on the learning and less on giving a student a label in terms of ‘A’ or something like that.”
When he isn’t stuck inside grading, Lemmaric prefers outdoor activities, listing snowboarding, frisbee golf and hiking as some of his favorite outdoor activities. While he does many outdoor activities, he doesn’t coach any sports at the moment.
Even though he has had previous experience teaching, this is technically Lemmaric’s first year as an actual teacher. He doesn’t know what the future holds but he is content to stay here.


Joey Hancock Math Teacher by Christian Clemente
Joey Hancock taught special education for five years and he worked as a paraprofessional last year at Sacajawea. Now he is a math teacher here at Bozeman High. But long before all of that, Hancock had already found his passion for working with students.
“When I was in high school I started volunteering for Special Olympics and ended up loving it so much I quit all of my high school sports and that inspired me to give back to that population and to give back to students especially who needed more help academically,” said Hancock, who continues to help out with Special Olympics as he is a coach here at Bozeman High.
Hancock also teaches math at BHS. He says that growing up, math was always his favorite subject because it was like a solving a puzzle.
He says his least favorite thing about teaching is when “communication breakdowns happen, that’s kind of the hardest thing is to get through some of those things that just aren’t communicated well.”
When he is not busy with Special Olympics or teaching, he likes to spend a lot of free time outside.
“We love, my wife and I, going rafting with our dogs. We love going hiking and when we can we try to go fishing,” Hancock says.


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