Netflix and…Well Really Just Netflix But Also Some Other Shows To Watch Over Break

  1. “The Flash”                                                     By: Justice Geddes

So if you made a DC superhero show, (the leads are all super hot, and so is basically everyone else) but it wasn’t depressing and dark, and instead filled with self-deprecating humor, and the main actor (Grant Gustin, “Glee) looked like the reallllly hot version of me, you would have “The Flash” (Tuesdays on The CW). Complete with supervillains whose costumes are parkas, land sharks, and telepathic gorillas, but also some of the most natural romantic interactions and heartbreaking rejections on all of television, “The Flash” is not only designed for those who like superhero fights, but also those who need relationship goals. The show highlights some feminist power with Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker, “Shark”, “Friday the 13th”) and Iris West (Candice Patton, “The Game”), plus one of the least stereotypical black father figures in Joe West (Jesse Martin, “Law & Order”). Plus Cisco Ramon! (Carlos Valdez, StarKid Productions) And did I mention Grant Gustin, the lead, is really hot?

2) “The 100”

Earth gets abandoned, and humans live in spaceships. They send 100 kids down to see if the planet is re-inhabitable. It’s pretty cray. Every teenager is basically perfect-looking, and some characters can be a little showboaty, but Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan, “General Hospital”) and Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”) bring some excellent power and humor, respectively, to an otherwise somewhat dark show. For any teenager into the current dystopian craze, or lots of makeout scenes paired with executions, “The 100” is well worth a binge-watch.

3) “Parks and Recreation”

If you didn’t watch Parks and Rec while it was running, you’re incredibly silly. But if you continue to ignore this seven-season sitcom, which ended this year, you’re probably just very, very confused about whether or not you want to be happy. Starring Amy Poehler (“SNL,”Inside Out”) as eccentric low-level government employee Leslie Knope, this show always manages to make me burst out laughing even before the opening credits. Each quirky character will be sure to worm their way into every high schooler’s heart, and the show’s epic sarcasm will appease each of our darkly schadenfreudic adolescent natures. Or is that just me?

4) “The Office”

Honestly, I don’t get what all the fuss is about, but most of our speech and debate team watches it, so it must be…good? Often considered Parks and Rec’s precursor, “The Office” is a classic American workplace comedy, which is comical considering it’s a ripoff of the BBC show of the same name. Aw, those Englanders. (On that note, sci fi shows “Doctor Who,” “Sherlock,” and “Merlin” are definitely worth a Netflix peek.)

5) “Superstore”

New this winter on NBC, this sitcom features a generic big box retailer which I keep thinking is Walmart ‘cause of all the blue. Superstore features America Ferrera (“Ugly Betty”) as Amy, the floor manager and Ben Feldman (“Mad Men”) as Jonah, the newest employee of Cloud 9. “Superstore” is full of laughs and with a stellar cast, likely will contain some excellent short-style viewing this winter. (This one’s not on Netflix, sorry.)

6) “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

YouTube star of wacky music videos like “I Steal Pets” and “I Was a Mermaid (And Now I’m a Popstar)” Rachel Bloom stars in this wacky musical comedy-drama on the CW. Bloom plays the titular character, Rebecca Bunch, who follows her high school crush, Josh, when he moves to California. Each episode’s title refers to Josh’s name; for example, the pilot is called “Josh Just Happens To Live Here!” and episode two is “Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool!” This show, while not on Netflix, will make you feel either really good about your relationship, or glad you’re not thaaaat obsessed with your crush.


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