Ninjas Of BHS, Is Climbing On The Roof An Issue?

Climbing on top of the school is something a lot of students think about and a few actually try. The big question is why? What is the fascination of being on top of the school? and is it worth it?
Climbing on top of the building is in fact trespassing and very illegal. It falls under section 17.0 in the student handbook as an unauthorized area. If caught, the first offense can result in a possible day off suspension and subsequent offenses can result in contact with law enforcement and additional days of suspension.
According to BHS Dean of Students Carl Neely, students on the roof is not a huge issue.
“It’s not that uncommon, sometimes someone will find a hack to get on top of the roof, just tell someone and we will get them down,” he said.
BHS Senior Bryan Kohler says he climbed on the roof one time because he was simply just bored.

Kohler said, “I was walking with a person who shall go unnamed and we were bored and thought well we could do nothing or we could go climb the school. It was a rainy day so we wouldn’t have been seen so we just decided to climb the school.”
Kohler then explained how he managed to get on the roof; he said it was easy.
“I just went to E-Wing like right near the end. It’s really not that difficult,” Kohler explained.
Senior Sean Swinford shared his thoughts about climbing on top of the school.
Swinford says, “Honestly I think It’s pretty stupid. It’s against the rules, like I don’t thinks it’s a big issue but if you’re going to risk getting caught for anything I don’t see why you’d want climb on the roof.”
Swinford ended by stating that there is just not much of a point to climbing on the school roof.
“It just doesn’t seem like a very high payoff for the risk,” he said.


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