Why We Love Sports, By Christian Clemente.


For some people sports is something completely irrelevant. For others, the most important things in their life are God, family, then sports. You can put all of your passion into one sport; or like some people, you become a connoisseur of several sports. While one sport is in the off season, you don’t have to sit home bored, you can transition to the next sport.
Some fans take sports to another level. A recent CBS News poll showed that four out of 10 fans get depressed after their favorite team loses.
Sophomore Tyler Dobie, who plays baseball, basketball, and football, says: “It’s sad to see your team lose. You put all this energy into rooting for your favorite team and rooting for your favorite player and then it can all be gone in a second.”
But that’s also why Dobie loves sports. “Sports can let us believe in the impossible. You can think a game is over and then two seconds later your team just won and you’re trying to figure out what just happened.”
Take for example the Seahawks Vikings playoff game just a few weeks ago. There are several seconds left on the clock. Seahawks fans are pretty well prepared for an early exit in the playoffs. All the Vikings have to do is kick a 27 yard field goal. The Vikings kicker Blair Walsh manages to miss a chip shot and the Seahawks have somehow managed to win the game.
Sophomore Nick Everett says he loves sports because of how it can touch our emotions so much.
“Sports can make us the happiest person on earth or leave someone in tears,” Everett says.

Dobie thinks that people will always be fans of sports.
“I think people gravitate towards sports because of the competitive nature that everyone has inside of them and most people find that in a sport,” he said.
While you can’t change your favorite team’s fate, you can change your team’s fate if you play sports yourself.
Dobie says his favorite thing about playing sports is “it’s a way to compete, have fun with friends and forget about anything else going on.”
Everett agrees with what Dobie says, calling it “something you can do to get away from almost anything for awhile.”
He also says he has a passion for sports because he loves seeing his teammates do well.
“Don’t get me wrong, I love to score and get points for the team but I love seeing my teammates succeed and knowing I had a part in their success,” Everett adds.
Dobie recommends that people try to get into sports. “Sports are a good way to make new friends and to just have fun. The good part is, there are so many sports, so you can find the sport that best fits you.”
Everett tells people not to be discouraged if they don’t make a team at BHS..
“With such a big school it’s hard to make the team. I would recommend you at least try out then if you don’t make it you can play intramurals with friends and prepare for next year,” he says.
Dobie thinks that you really must prepare for tryouts though, “I think really the only way to make the team is to be ready. You need to train and workout daily. You can’t just show up without being prepared.”
So you personally may love sports. You may hate it. But sports does many things for us who do love it. Sports inspires us, they touch our emotions, it lets us believe in miracles, and it provides us with more of our competitive nature.
Dobie says “I love sports, I love being competitive, I wouldn’t give up sports for anything.”


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