No Shave November, By Avery Amende

We’ve all heard of “No-shave November.” Basically, it’s where people choose not to shave for a whole month and use the term “No-Shave November” to get away with it without being judged (I mean, come on people—we all know it’s true).
But very few people know that taking a break from shaving during this month is meant to spread awareness about cancer. The purpose of the No-Shave November campaign is to “grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.”

Avery Berg, a junior girl at BHS, is participating along with many other teachers and students.
“I originally believed it to be a poor excuse to take a break from shaving for a month and show off that you can grow facial hair. As I looked into it, though, its significance began to stick. Not only do I participate because of its importance in shedding light on a rarely talked about topic, it actually gives me a reason to challenge norms in regard to women and shaving while simultaneously learning more about men’s health,” Berg says.
There are a lot of things about “No-Shave November” that go further than simply putting the razor down and scaring people away with your bushy leg hair.
At BHS, teachers can participate by raising money for staff members who are struggling with medical expenses. Last year, the $500 raised from the event went to a custodian who had major expenses from heart surgery. This year, BHS staff hopes to raise $1000 for members around the school who could use it.
Although no-shave November—or “Movember,” as it’s known—is “a unique way to grow cancer awareness” according to, BHS is opening this occasion up for all medical predicaments.
Staff participants add to the cause by entering with a $10 fee and getting donations from other people who choose not to take a break from shaving––which is totally fine, too.
So don’t be afraid to put the razor away. If someone tries to judge you for your patchy mustache or your bushy pit hair, tell them that you’re doing it to support cancer patients––that should shut them up.


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